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What is the metal used for your earrings?

All studs are made with hypoallergenic surgical steel posts and butterfly scroll backs.
Danglies are either made with hypoallergenic surgical steel or gold plated metal. If you see a pair which is made with a gold plated hook but wish to change for a surgical steel please message me upon checkout.

Can you make your earrings as clip-ons instead?

Of course! all danglies can be made as clip-ons instead of pierced earrings. Just let me know upon checkout.
It might be possible for studs as well but please message me before checkout as some studs are too small to accommodate the clip part.

Custom and personalised orders

I welcome custom orders!
Please don't hesitate to ask if you see a product but would like it in a different colour. I am happy to work with you to create your perfect design

My ring is rougher on one side, is it normal?

Perfectly normal!
There is what I call a "top" and a "bottom" to each resin piece.
The top part would be the part in the mold, so the front of an earring for example or the top side of a ring.
The bottom would be the part outside the mold, so the back of an earring or the "bottom" of a ring which would be the part exposed to air, so not encased in the silicone.

The edges of the bottom part are quite sharp when I take them out of the mold and each piece has to be individually sanded. While it isn't really noticeable on earrings, it is a bit more on the rings, this is why I add extra polish to them.
I usually wear the "rougher" side against the hand, and it is hardly noticeable!

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