Handmade resin ring with encased gold and burnt orange/red gold leaf (imitation gold leaf). This beautiful ring, simple yet different, is a perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe.


Choose from 8 sizes:

UK U (US 10)
UK R (US 9)
UK P (US 7.5)
UK M (US 6.5)
UK K (US 5.5)
UK V 1/2 (US 11)
UK X 1/2 (US 12)
UK Z 1/2 (US 13)

Gifting and packaging:

Each item comes carefully wrapped in tissue paper and comes in a small cardboard box to fit through the letter box. All used packaging is entirely recyclable.

I can also add a handwritten note if the item is purchased as a gift for a more personal touch.


Each ring is made of resin which is very lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Resin rings have a "top" and a "bottom"
The bottom being the part out of the mold which I have to sand lightly and polish as the edges are a bit sharp after taking out the mold.
This side is usually worn closer to the hand

Each ring is made to order and patterns/colours and amount of gold leaf or glitter may vary from the photo but I always try to stay as close to the picture as I can.
Colours can also appear differently on screens and monitors due to different settings

Handmade gold leaf transparent resin ring, gold and orange red leaf, simple ring